Victoria Rick

BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins.

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The Hostel Project; Working Collaboratively

‘Intimacy’ Hostel Experience Group Members

Victoria Rick
Anna Pickles Harvey
Charles Verni
Moea Creugnet
Amber Stefanie
Joao Sobral
Gabriella Floyd
Jason Nicholas Selby

The Rules

-Eight members of the group from cross-pathways spent two days and two nights in a London hostel – Please note: As group members were from different pathways within the university, only a few knew each other socially before. Most had never spoken to the others before
-The entire experience was filmed using seven laptop webcams
-The group members spent the entire time together, unless showering or using the toilet
-Mobile phones (except for emergencies) were banned
-Internet access was banned on laptops
-Smart phones were allowed for photographs only but internet access had to be switched off
-Music played on speakers was allowed. Headphones were not
-All group members must sleep in the same dorm room
-The group was split into meal time cooking teams
-Outside excursions were allowed with a time limit of one, to one and a half hours.
-When using public areas within the hostel, group members were not allowed to interact with residents
-When outside of the hostel group members were not allowed to interact with the general public
-When purchasing items from stores, group members were not allowed to make small talk with sales staff
-Art materials – sketch books and pens were allowed
-Overalls with each group members university ID number written on the back had to be worn at all times except when sleeping
-All group decisions regarding the event, rules and installation to follow were made democratically by voting

The group in the hostel

(Photo Credit: Amber Stefanie)

Before entering the hostel I was quite nervous having never stayed in a hostel before and not really knowing the people I’d be with too well. I didn’t know what to expect and it’s a long time to be secluded from your home comforts if I found myself not enjoying it!

The reality was completely different, we all arrived and were shown to our 8 bunkbed dorm, celebrating our arrival with a bottle of Cava. The group clicked immediately in my opinion, the conversation (and wine!) flowed so easily, we were so lucky to have such a lovely group. The time in the hostel went surprisingly fast (although the room was uncomfortably hot at times and I had difficulty sleeping) we passed the time going on a group walk, sketching, evening pub visits (avoiding interaction with the public), doing makeovers and generally chatting and getting to know one another.

At first it was strange seeing yourself on a screen being filmed everywhere you turned within the room but after a while it didn’t seem to be on my mind, in a way I even forgot they were there.

Building the structure

We decided to show our piece as an installation, an enclosed large cube structure with the overalls hanging on one side. Two of the walls were built with small holes to look through to view the footage of our hostel experience which was projected upon two of the inside walls.








Ready for the Private View!


View through the holes

The overalls

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Living Paper

filling in the historical documentary gaps with paper (well sort of…not really)

I had the idea to create this video from the building works going on around university and London in general. I had returned to University after the long summer break to find the depressed looking construction sites had emerged and grown into yet more vast towering grey metal blocks, exactly what London needed more of! It made me think about the way places and buildings were constantly changing, the cycle of construction/destruction/development/demolition repeated and repeated. I first made a few collages to illustrate my ideas.





To develop this further and make the work more interesting to view I decided to animate the collages, this involved cutting out hundreds and hundreds of buildings, a set of coloured buildings and a set of black and white to illustrate the changes in time.
This time though, I would find video clips of London through time and tailor the animations to try and blend together. It was extremely difficult and took many days but I’m not as disappointed with the outcome as I thought i’d be. I still want to improve and take this technique further but this time i’ll find an updated editing software and stop-motion creator.

Here are some examples of animations I made a year or so ago…

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Burning House at the Joiners

On the 29th of January I went to the Joiners in Southampton to watch Burning House play their first gig in a couple of years. As usual they were full of noise and pedals and all the goodness that makes your ears ring for the next day or so (haha).

Give them a listen here:

Here’s a few photos I took on the night.

I haven’t had this camera for long so I was a bit slow adjusting the lighting levels but I think they’ll do for now…








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forgotten origins

was browsing a photography blog and got very confused when I saw this photograph until I realised it was the original image I once found in an old book and used sections for two of my montages… it’s so odd seeing it in it’s untouched way!

The top picture is the image I began with, it was in a ‘child photography’ textbook. It was taken by Arthur Freed in 1970, entitled Paul & Eric. I liked it so much that I recycled the contents into two of my pieces, shown below.


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Featured on the London Arts Board May-June 2013

Since the 1st of May until this Thursday (June 6th) my work has been shown on the London Arts Board, a dis-used municipal notice board on the corner of Peckham Road and Vestry Road, Camberwell, now a gallery dedicated to giving emerging artists the chance to have a solo exhibition in London.

This lead to being featured in an English culture section of Paris based radio ‘Euradionates’.
( )

I was asked to do a live interview on air about what my work on the board as well as my current work is about, how I find the inspiration and ideas, how I make my art and any recent/upcoming shows I have. Although it was absolutely terrifying being broadcast live I am so glad I got the opportunity as it is building up my experience and hopefully my reputation.

To find out more about the space and to keep posted about upcoming shows, you can follow these links:

I hope people enjoyed it work as they walked round the area, thanks very much Liberty and the London Arts Board for choosing my work!





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